ETS2.M is a company with a wide range of skills as well as a solid experience, in the field of submerged works, and is based on competent human resources, having an experience of more than ten years in the field of submerged works.
The organization chart includes significant human potential with permanent and freelance divers, allowing us to form teams according to the skills of each diver and according to the missions to be accomplished.
Our divers are generally holders of :

  • Class II Mention A (INPP France).
  • Class II Mention A (CMPP Morocco).
  • Class I Mention A (CMPP Morocco).
  • First aid certificates.
  • Hyperbaric operator capacities.

Our Quality Safety and Training system requires us to carry out internal safety procedures specific to each site, and to continuously train technical staff in order to be able to keep up to date with always innovative equipment and specific work procedures. every mission.
It goes without saying that the continuous improvement of the quality, safety and training system is an essential necessity for the safety of divers, as well as for the control and improvement of the know-how of the company.


  • Sealing of breaches, installation of autoclaves to change valves or probes.
  • Flotation fairing, sacrificial anode welding.
  • Refloating of wrecks, retrieval of chains and anchors.
  • Underwater paint anti-corrosion.


  • Adjustment of ballast seats by hydraulic or manual levelling.
  • Installation of dock blocks.
  • Installation of Dike Protection Blocks (Tetrapodes, acropolis, cubic blocks, etc…).
  • Underwater concreting.
  • Hydraulic stripping, setting up explosive charges.


  • Dredging at the foot of pertuis.
  • Installation and maintenance of submerged structures (cofferdams, aerators, pumps, etc…).
  • Installation of anti-pollution dam, tide compensators, various works.


  • Study and manufacture of hyperbaric chambers.
  • Study and manufacture of Hydraulic Levellers.