E.T.S.2.M has specific material resources, qualified and certified human resources, in order to be able to carry out the inspection and expert appraisals entrusted to it.

Our organization chart includes technical divers with training and certification in accordance with international requirements for underwater inspections :

  • Divers Class II Mention A (INPP France).
  • Divers Class II Mention A (CMPP Morocco).
  • Divers Class I Mention A (CMPP Morocco).
  • Ultrasonic Inspection Officer MF/UT I, according to EN 473 and ISO 9712 (COFREND France).
  • Visual inspection officer N II, according to EN 473 and ISO 9712 (COFREND France).
  • Penetrant inspection agent N II (Formation COMEND Morocco).


  • Vessel class renewal visit under B-V, DNV-GL approvals and Lloyd’s Register.
  • Taking wear clearance on rudders and propeller shafts.
  • Measurement of the electrical potential of the cathodic protection of the submerged parts and thickness measurements.


  • Single and multi-beam bathymetry
  • Lance surveys of loose sedimentary layers
  • Submerged cores of material from (Roche, Concrete, etc…)
  • Laboratories analyses (Granulometry, PH, Pollutants, etc…)


  • Expertises and control of engineering structures (Port, Pont, Barrage, ect…).
  • Continuous underwater control of construction works of partly submerged structures.
  • Direct and deferred video inspection in contradictory.
  • Ultrasonic testing for fault finding on rolled parts, welded or molded terrestrial part).

R.O.V :

The implementation of the ROV for a team of experienced divers provides valuable capacity in taking into account the environment and data analysis.The ROV makes it possible to achieve : 

  • Deep water inspection (until 300m)
  • Taking light samples (by clamp)
  • Embarkation of specific sensors
  • Diving in confined spaces (well, galeries, conduits, etc…)